Vaillant Boilers


The Vaillant ecoTEC range of boilers delivers

first class performance and reliability.

The Vaillant ecoTEC is a remarkable boiler. With

22 gas boilers ranging from 12-38kW outputs,

available in combination, system or open vent

formats, there’s an ecoTEC for virtually every

home in the UK. We’ve also got a full range of

controls and cylinders available, to help you

maximise your boiler to its full potential.

All our ecoTEC boilers have Vaillant’s key qualities

running through them; fantastic engineering,

incredible efficiency, compact and subtle design. We

use only the highest quality components –

because reliability is as important to us as it

is to you.

Compact dimensions and a range of flueing

options mean the ecoTEC boiler is as versatile as ever.

We’re just as committed to performance too. With

ratings of up to 90% efficiency, the ecoTEC range

about as frugal with fuel as you can get, meaning

saving energy has never been so easy.

What’s more, with a Quiet Mark Award, from the UK

Noise Abatement Society, it’s one of the most under

-stated miracles of engineering we’ve ever produced.

It’s simpler, smarter, easier, cleaner, leaner, quieter – and

just plain better.


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